Environment: Best for low light and indoor conditions. Ideal for learning to swim.

Clear & Tinted Lens Swim Goggles - Are They The Right Choice for You?

Clear lens swim goggles allow for the least amount of light filtering while still offering UV protection for your eyes. The clear lens is the ideal choice for indoor or extremely low light conditions. If you’re swimming outdoors, our blue and amber tinted lenses are a great option for early morning swims, before the sun fully rises, when it’s extremely cloudy, or if you are swimming at night. Any of these lenses would be an ideal choice for those who swim in murky or dark water as well.


A good "every day” lens choice, as these lenses reduce glare during foggy and misty days, giving you a great option for indoor swimming and low light conditions.

Titanium Mirrored and Silver Mirrored lenses provide the maximum light filtering available, offering both sun and glare protection to give you the greatest visibility on very sunny days. These lenses also help eliminate reflective glare seen on the water’s surface on those cloudy days, and they offer great protection against harmful UV and infrared rays.


Environment: Ideal for outdoor swimming in very sunny conditions.

On your quest to find a new pair of swim goggles and scroll through pages of goggle options online, some lens types may look more appealing than others. Which goggle lens is best? Clear & blue or amber tinted lenses may look basic, but they are extremely useful for specific swim conditions, like indoor pools.

Aquasphere's premium swim optics offers a full assortment of performance-engineered lenses to enhance your visual comfort. Whether you're swimming indoors or outdoors in any weather conditions, Aquasphere has the best lens option for every swimming condition.

Let’s dive into what conditions our clear, amber, and blue lens goggles are best used in and how they perform compared to tinted, polarized, and mirrored lenses. For further information on our full lineup of lenses, from clear to mirrored and everything in between, check our swim goggle lens guide.


Our Clear & Tinted Lens Swim Goggle Guide

Our tinted swim goggles are available in several colors and are a good universal option if you are planning on using them both indoors and outdoors when the sunlight is not too bright:

  • The Blue tinted lens is the clearest option that offers a small amount of glare protection. This type of lens works well in indoor pools and outdoors when the weather is grey and foggy.
  • The Amber tinted lens amplifies low light and reduces glare further for clearer vision. This lens can also help boost color contrast, offering better visibility when swimming outdoors.
  • The Clear tinted lens allows maximum light transmission, best for indoor swimming or outdoor swimming at night or early in the morning before the sun has fully risen.


Clear & Tinted Lenses For Indoor Swimming

Clear, amber, or blue tinted lenses are by far the best choice for indoor, early morning, or evening pool swimming. Many indoor pools tend to be poorly lit meaning that a tinted, polarized, or mirrored lens would likely filter out too much light and make it hard to see what is going on above and below the water. As we mentioned above, clear lenses offer the most light transmission, while our amber and blue lenses offer a small amount of light protection and color contrast. In these low-light conditions, we recommend the Kayenne Blue Tinted, Seal Kid 2 Clear, Vista Jr Blue, and Eagle Goggle with Clear lenses.


Blue Tinted

Seal Kid 2

Vista Jr
Blue Tinted

Vista Pro


That said, some indoor swimming pools, like those used for competitions, have powerful spotlights. As a result, many swimmers prefer to wear mirrored lenses even when swimming indoors. Many athletes also like the added benefit of hiding their eyes from the competition to create a psychological advantage.


Clear & Tinted Lenses For Outdoor Swimming With Overcast Weather

While, these lenses were designed specifically for indoor swimming or swimming in very low light, in overcast and cloudy weather, clear or our lightly tinted amber and blue lenses definitely get the job done and offer a great amount of visibility during your swim. They allow you to easily see where you’re headed, what’s in the water below you, and our amber lenses even help boost color contrast, making it easier to spot the swim buoy you’re aiming for. However, with low to medium sunlight, a tinted lens will provide more comfort during your swim.


Aquasphere’s goggle lens range was developed to provide triathletes and open water swimmers the best training and racing experience. Theoretically, all of our swim goggles can be used for open water swimming, however, tinted lenses filter light more appropriately during overcast and cloudy weather.


When swimming outdoors with low-light, cloudy or foggy conditions, you may find the water to be rather dark but above the water, there is just enough sun to make a swim with clear lenses uncomfortable. In this case, blue tinted lens swim goggles are best to help you navigate.


With partly sunny weather, amber tinted swim goggles are a great solution because they enhance your vision by increasing color contrast, which is helpful when your surroundings look slightly the same. For outdoor swimming in partly or mostly sunny conditions, we recommend smoke lenses or polarized lenses and when swimming in very sunny conditions, we recommend mirrored lenses.


Picking The Best Clear Swim Goggles: Frequently Asked Questions

Are clear or tinted goggles better?

Swimming indoors, or outdoors in the early morning or evening are the ideal situations for using our clear, blue, or amber tinted lenses. They offer maximum visibility in low-light and dark, murky waters to help you follow the black line in the pool or stay on course during your open water swim.


Do clear and tinted lens goggles fog less than other types of goggles?

No, all of our swim goggles have durable anti-fog properties, so you never lose sight of your objective. Depending on the lens, the anti-fog will be either a lens coating (like on our polycarbonate lenses) or a core property of the material (like in our Plexisol lenses).


Are these lenses more fragile than other types of goggle lenses?

No, all Aquasphere clear swim goggle lenses are scratch-resistant.


How do you clean clear and tinted lens goggles?

As a rule of thumb, always rinse your swim goggles with warm, freshwater, especially if you were swimming in the ocean. Leftover saltwater can negatively impact the lifespan of your polarized and mirrored lenses.


Lay them flat to dry away from direct sunlight.


We recommend avoiding using any cloth, even microfiber, to clean the lens as it will likely damage its anti-fog treatment. Instead, if you need to remove something, gently use the pad of your finger.