Environment: Ideal for sunny outdoor swimming and bright light conditions.

Smoke Lens Swim Goggles: Are They The Right Choice For You?

Perfect all-around lens choice for everyday sunny and bright light conditions. These lenses significantly reduce light transmission and glare to the eyes while maintaining natural contrast for a clear view during sunny days.


Smoke lens swim goggles were initially designed for full sun protection, but as technology improves, we’ve found lens treatments like mirrored and polarized that do an even better job at filtering harsh bright light. The smoke lens has settled into a great middle-ground option for those swimming in mostly sunny conditions or semi-murky waters. It provides the right amount of sun protection without limiting your visibility the way a mirrored lens might.

Titanium Mirrored and Silver Mirrored lenses provide the maximum light filtering available, offering both sun and glare protection to give you the greatest visibility on very sunny days. These lenses also help eliminate reflective glare seen on the water’s surface on those cloudy days, and they offer great protection against harmful UV and infrared rays.


Environment: Ideal for outdoor swimming in very sunny conditions.

On your quest to find a new pair of swim goggles, endlessly scrolling through pages of goggle options online, some lens types may look more appealing than others. Which goggle lens is best? Smoke lenses are simple but extremely useful for specific swim conditions. Do weather and swim conditions matter? In short, yes. Keep reading to learn what conditions our smoke goggles are best used for.

Aquasphere's premium swim optics offers a full assortment of performance-engineered lenses to enhance your visual comfort. Whether you're swimming indoors or outdoors with the sun fully shining, Aquasphere has the best lens option for every swimming condition.

Let’s dive into what conditions smoke lens goggles are best used in and how they perform compared to clear, polarized, and mirrored lenses. For further information on our full lineup of lenses, from clear to mirrored and everything in between, check our swim goggle lens guide.


Smoke Lenses For Indoor Swimming

While smoke swim goggles were not designed to be worn while swimming indoors, they can be beneficial in providing just enough protection from bright spotlights that many indoor pools have. Generally, a clear lens goggle is more ideal for swimmers swimming in an indoor pool.


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Smoke Lenses For Outdoor Swimming In Mostly Sunny Weather

When swimming in summer months or tropical locations, it’s extremely important to protect your eyes from the sun’s strong UV rays. The primary function of the smoke lens is to offer some eye protection from bright light as sunglasses would. For the swimmers who are lucky enough to enjoy good weather and an outdoor pool for training, smoke swim goggles are a great way to protect your eyes.


Aquasphere’s goggle lens range was developed to provide triathletes and open water swimmers the best training and racing experience. Theoretically, any of our swim goggles can be used for open water swimming, however, smoke or polarized lenses filter light more appropriately during overcast and cloudy weather.


The Smoke tinted lens delivers a great amount of protection while maintaining a natural contrast of color. When swimming outdoors in low-light conditions, you may find that the water you’re swimming in is dark and murky due to depth or a muddy bottom. In this case, clear lens swim goggles will help you navigate.


Smoke swim goggles vs. other types of lenses

Smoke goggles are amazingly effective for outdoor swimming in partly sunny weather. However, in brighter conditions, polarized or mirrored lenses may be a more suitable choice. Here is a comparative review of mirrored lenses versus polarized and smoke swim goggles, so you can better understand which lens to use and when.


Smoke swim goggles vs. polarized swim goggles

The role of polarized swim goggles is to filter light and block its reflection off the water’s surface. While smoke lenses can shield your eyes from some sunlight, polarized lenses work better to reduce light reflection and make it easier to see, especially if the conditions are not too bright, such as in overcast to partially sunny.


Smoke swim goggles vs. mirrored swim goggles

If you are swimming in extremely bright conditions, mirrored lenses should be your go-to. They filter the most light and offer the greatest sun protection. Smoke lens goggles tend to be a more versatile option to use indoors and outdoors. They offer a basic level of protection against glare while not blocking too much light on cloudy days.


Picking The Best Smoke Swim Goggles: Frequently Asked Questions

Are smoke lens goggles better?

Partly sunny to sunny weather is the ideal condition that smoke lenses were designed for. Depending on how bright the conditions are, mirrored or polarized may be a better option but it all comes down to personal preference.


Do smoke lens goggles fog less than other types of goggles?

No, all of our swim goggles have durable anti-fog properties, so you never lose sight of your objective. Depending on the lens, the anti-fog will be either a lens coating (like on our polycarbonate lenses) or a core property of the material (like in our Plexisol lenses).


Are smoke lens goggles more fragile than other types of goggles?

No, all Aquasphere mirrored swim goggles lenses are scratch-resistant.


How do you clean smoke lens goggles?

As a rule of thumb, always rinse your swim goggles with warm, freshwater, especially if you were swimming in the ocean. Leftover saltwater can negatively impact the lifespan of your polarized and mirrored lenses.


Lay them flat to dry away from direct sunlight.


We recommend avoiding using any cloth, even microfiber, to clean the lens as it will likely damage the anti-fog treatment. Instead, if you need to remove something, gently use the pad of your finger.