Environment: Ideal for outdoor swimming in very sunny conditions.

Mirrored Lens Swim Goggles - Are They the Right Choice for You?

Mirrored swim goggles offer the ultimate level of light and UV protection for your eyes in bright and extremely sunny conditions. Although every lens in our collection filters harmful UV rays, some of our mirrored lenses offer additional benefits for specific conditions, especially for longer swim sessions.


Titanium Mirrored and Silver Mirrored lenses provide the maximum light filtering available, offering both sun and glare protection to give you the greatest visibility on very sunny days. These lenses also help eliminate reflective glare seen on the water’s surface on those cloudy days, and they offer great protection against harmful UV and infrared rays.

Titanium Mirrored and Silver Mirrored lenses provide the maximum light filtering available, offering both sun and glare protection to give you the greatest visibility on very sunny days. These lenses also help eliminate reflective glare seen on the water’s surface on those cloudy days, and they offer great protection against harmful UV and infrared rays.


Environment: Ideal for outdoor swimming in very sunny conditions.

On your quest to find a new pair of swim goggles and scroll through pages of goggle options online, some lens types may look more appealing than others. Which goggle lens is best? Let us introduce you to one of our favorites, the mirrored lens! Not only do they look incredibly cool and almost futuristic with their shiny and colorful lenses, but these are a great choice for swimming outdoors when the sun is shining bright.


Aquasphere's premium swim optics offers a full assortment of performance-engineered lenses to enhance your visual comfort. Whether you're swimming indoors or outdoors with the sun fully shining, Aquasphere has the best lens option for every swimming condition.


Let’s dive into what conditions mirrored goggles are best used in and how they perform compared to tinted and polarized lenses. For further information on our full lineup of lenses, from clear to mirrored and everything in between, check our swim goggle lens guide.


Ideal Swimming Conditions for Mirrored Goggles

Mirrored Lenses for Indoor Swimming

As a rule of thumb, mirrored swim goggles are not ideal for indoor use. Since a mirrored lens lets less light in and limits your visibility, you may find yourself having a hard time seeing what’s around you above and below the water’s surface, especially if you swim in a poorly lit pool.


It is important to note, however, that some indoor swimming pools have powerful spotlights, especially the ones used for competitions. As a result, many swimmers wear mirrored lenses even when swimming indoors. Many athletes also like the added benefit of hiding their eyes from the competition to create a psychological advantage.


If you are interested in wearing mirrored goggles when swimming indoors, we recommend you check out our Gold Titanium mirrored lens. You can find this lens featured on the Fastlane, Kayenne, and Kaiman EXO swim goggles. This type of lens works well with intense artificial light.


Mirrored Lenses for Outdoor Swimming In Sunny Weather

Bright sunny skies are the ideal outdoor swimming weather for the mirrored lens goggles. When swimming in the summer or tropical locations, it’s super important to protect your eyes from the sun’s strong UV rays.


The primary function of the mirrored lens is to reflect sunlight and darken your vision in bright light as sunglasses would. For the swimmers who are lucky enough to enjoy good weather and an outdoor pool for training, mirrored swim goggles are the best way to protect your eyes. Check out our Pink Titanium mirrored lens, which works wonders at increasing color contrast in blue water and is available on the new Fastlane goggle.


When swimming in open water, the sun’s glare is often a big obstacle to overcome, depending on the time of the day. In this case, polarized lenses are usually considered the best choice. Even still, our Titanium Mirrored lenses gather the best of both worlds by reflecting direct sunlight and filtering glare efficiently.


Note: The Blue Titanium mirrored lens, available on the Vista, Fastlane, Kayenne, and Kaiman EXO models, effectively enhance warm colors. This lens can be helpful during a triathlon to spot the marker buoys, which are usually red, yellow, or orange, so you can stay on course throughout your swim.


For the most extreme conditions, like the bright, direct sunlight found in tropical regions, we recommend our Silver mirrored lens, available on the Vista, Fastlane, Kayenne, and Kaiman.


Vista Pro
Gold Titanium Mirror

Blue Titanium Mirror

Silver Mirror

Silver Mirror


Tips from The Pros

When swimming outdoor in bright sunshine, triathlon and swimming champions have quite clear preferences, here is what they say about this topic:


"When swimming outdoors in open water with really bright conditions, I'd always pick mirrored ones over clear lenses because of the multiple surface reflections. Depending on the conditions, I sometimes go for polarized or heavily mirrored ones". Lukas Pertl, Triathlon champion


"I often choose the mirror lens. I have tried some mirrored lenses that are too dark for swimming inside, but the Aquasphere's mirrored lenses are good for both inside and open water swimming. However, when the conditions become darker, I choose clear or tinted lenses." Morten Brammer, Triathlon champion


"My favorite lens type is the Titanium mirrored one. It gives me a great field of vision, and it is perfect for outdoor training (which I love the most). Also, it is the coolest for sure!" Giacomo Carini, Pool champion


Our Mirrored Swim Goggle Lenses Chart

The purpose of mirrored lenses is to block bright sunlight out. By offering superior sun and UV protection, they protect your eyes by darkening your vision and blocking UV rays. But not all mirrored lenses are the same. Discover our full line-up of mirrored lenses to determine which might be the best choice for you.


Pink, Red, Orange & Blue Titanium

From Pink to Blue, our colored Titanium mirrored lenses offer various benefits from superior glare protection to enhancing specific colors' contrast and saturation.

The best choice for bright skies and blue waters (outdoor pools or tropical seas) is the Pink Titanium lens. It will enhance contrast while relaxing your eyes in sunny conditions. Pink tinted lenses are remarkable at enhancing color contrast against blue and green backgrounds, reducing eyestrain at the same time.


When you’re dealing with a lot of reflection off of the water, the Red Titanium lens is ideal because it filters infrared rays in addition to UV rays. It can boost color contrast and shape definitions in bright sunshine.


The Orange Titanium lens offers excellent UV protection while enhancing contrast in both sunny and cloudy conditions. This is the lens to choose when weather conditions frequently change where you swim, like from morning to noon or when the sky clears up.


During a race, the Blue Titanium lens enhances warm colors in bright sunshine while eliminating reflective glare. This is the perfect lens to help you spot the red, orange, or yellow marker buoys and stay on course during your swim.


Gold Titanium

The Gold Titanium lens is the most versatile of our mirrored lenses. It is often used by swimmers racing outdoors or indoors when the pool is lit with bright spotlights. For racers who like to hide their eyes from their competitors, this is the lens you need.


Silver Mirror

The conditions you will face on tropical islands, where many triathlon competitions take place, require an extra layer of protection. The Silver Mirror lens was designed to filter out the most harmful UV and infrared rays and provide the highest sun protection. For the most extreme outdoor competitions, we recommend getting this lens with a Vista swim mask.


Mirrored swim goggles vs. other types of lenses

Mirrored goggles are amazingly effective for outdoor swimming in bright sunny weather. However, in other conditions, other lens types may be more suitable. Here is a comparative review of mirrored lenses versus polarized and tinted swim goggles, so you can better understand which lens to use and when.


Mirrored swim goggles vs. polarized swim goggles

The role of polarized swim goggles is to filter light and block its reflection on the water’s surface. While mirrored lenses are the best to protect you from direct sunlight, polarized lenses work better to reduce light reflection off the surface, especially if the conditions are not too bright, like overcast to partially sunny.


Mirrored swim goggles vs. tinted swim goggles

If you are looking for versatile swim goggles to use indoors and outdoors, tinted (or smoked lens) swim goggles prove to be an excellent choice. They offer a basic level of protection against glare while not blocking too much light on cloudy days. Smoked lenses are an all-around great in-between lens option.


Picking the Best Mirrored Swim Goggles: Frequently Asked Questions

Are mirrored goggles better?

Bright sunny weather is the ideal condition that mirrored lenses were designed for. As the mirrored lens darkens your visibility, you may find yourself not seen much around you or underwater if you swim in a poorly lit or indoor pool. Depending on the conditions, tinted or polarized are sometimes a better option but it all comes down to personal preference.


Do mirrored goggles fog less than other types of goggles?

No, all of our swim goggles have durable anti-fog properties, so you never lose sight of your objective. Depending on the lens, the anti-fog will be either a lens coating (like on our polycarbonate lenses) or a core property of the material (like in our Plexisol lenses).


Are mirrored goggles more fragile than other types of goggles?

No, all Aquasphere mirrored swim goggles lenses are scratch-resistant.


How do you clean mirrored goggles?

As a rule of thumb, always rinse your swim goggles with warm, freshwater, especially if you were swimming in the ocean. Leftover saltwater can negatively impact the lifespan of your polarized and mirrored lenses.


Lay them flat to dry away from direct sunlight.


We recommend avoiding using any cloth, even microfiber, to clean the lens as it will likely damage its anti-fog treatment. Instead, if you need to remove something, gently use the pad of your finger.