Kameleon - Smoke

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Perfect for the up-and-coming competitive swimmer, the innovative Kameleon combines patented curved lens technology, low profile design, integrated strap and easy adjust head buckle, to bring you a hydrodynamic goggle at an affordable price. Smoke lenses offer optimized visibility when there are few clouds and mostly sunny conditions.

    Color  Smoke/Trans/Pink
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    ABOUT Kameleon - Smoke

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    • Smoke Lenses
      Ideal for sunny outdoor swimming and bright light conditions. Significantly reduces light transmission to the eyes while maintaining natural contrast and color saturation making the lens a perfect all-around choice.
    • Panoramic Vision
      Patented curved lens with 180-degree field of vision
    • Hydrodynamic
      Low profile integrated strap and buckle design for improved hydrodynamics
    • Customized Fit
      E-Z Adjust buckle allows for quick and easy fit adjustment
    • UV Protection
      100% UVA/UVB protection
    • Durable Lenses
      Scratch-resistance and anti-fog coating
    • Gentle to the Skin
      Latex free, hypoallergenic
    • Quality Construction
      Made in Italy

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