P2K Pull Buoy/Kickboard

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The P2K pull buoy/kickboard is the perfect tool for the all around aquatic athlete. With this one piece of equipment you will be able to perform a variety of swimming and water fitness exercises. For swimmers, the P2K provides enough buoyancy and support to be used as a pullbuoy or a kick board, helping to improve pulling and kicking strength and technique. For the aquatic fitness enthusiast, the P2K acts as a resistance board that can be used in aquatic fitness classes or on your own to build and strengthen the upper body and core through pull and push resistance training.

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ABOUT P2K Pull Buoy/Kickboard

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  • Versatile tool that can be used as a kick board, pull buoy, or resistance trainer
  • Pull buoy provides the flotation for isolated upper body swim training
  • Kickboard is easy to hold and strengthens the lower body
  • Designed for upper body pull and push resistance exercises


  • EVA Foam

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